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  Interactive Applications

Fleet Shows
A Fleet Show is similar to a slideshow, except that products are showcased here. You can have both interactive and non-interactive fleet shows.

Fleet shows allow you to present your products in a visually impressive showcase. Being intuitive and visually appealing, fleet shows makes your products remain long in the audience's memory.

A screen saver is a moving design that comes on after a set time passes with no activity on the monitor. Devised originally to prevent images burning into the monitor, this technique has now turned out to be an excellent and handy tool for modern day marketing and entertainment.

Panoramic 3D Presentations help you to have a 360° view of the landscape, which you wish to present on the screen. This feature will help the viewers to get a live three-dimensional view of a particular panorama.

When you move through the screen, you get the feel of a 360° observation of a landscape. This feature will help you to project the view of a building or the land, upon which the building is to be raised.

Games are a good tool to keep visitors coming back to your site for more. Also it acts as an active brand-building component. We can develop interactive and fun-filled games for your website.

Layout Display
Layout Display with Zoom module helps the visitor to interact with the website. The option helps visitors to have layer / level in depth view of each project along with furnished clear view of the option. This powerful feature allows the Internet users have clear view of project detail view from the comfort of their homes / offices.