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  Multimedia / Flash Animations

The recent explosion in both computer power and the Internet has brought an incredible variety of entertainment, information and business possibilities to any person who desires it. The driving force of this revolution is the extensive use of Digital Multimedia.

Be it a Business Card CD or Product demo presentation of your company, it now portrays what it could be impossible before!

Very often, multimedia is considered to be a combination of just some fancy graphics and sound. This notion has been brought about the perceived use of multimedia in gaming. The truth is multimedia is a powerful extension to your corporate marketing communication because it is much more versatile and interactive unlike other marketing collaterals.

Corporate profile presentations through the form of
  Site Opener
  Logo Presentations
Product demos in 2D & 3D
Multimedia Presentations Packaged in a smallbusiness card CDs
Other interactive applications like
  Fleet Shows
  Panoramic Presentations
  Lay out displays